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NCMC Location and Distances

Petoskey, Michigan

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North Central Michigan College is located in Petoskey, Michigan; population 5,670 in a rural fringe setting.

1515 Howard St
Petoskey, Michigan
49770 USA

Map of NCMC

Approximate Commuting Distances

North Central Michigan College distance from Michigan cities
City Distance
Bay View2 miles
Conway5 miles
Harbor Springs5 miles
Walloon Lake6 miles
Horton Bay7 miles
Oden8 miles
Bay Shore8 miles
Ponshewaing8 miles
Alanson10 miles
Boyne City11 miles
Advance12 miles
Brutus12 miles
Boyne Falls13 miles
Ironton14 miles
Charlevoix15 miles
Pellston16 miles
East Jordan17 miles
Indian River17 miles