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Muskegon Community College Location and Distances

Muskegon, Michigan

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Muskegon Community College is located in Muskegon, Michigan; population 38,401 in a small city setting.

221 S Quarterline Rd
Muskegon, Michigan
49442-1432 USA

Map of Muskegon Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Muskegon Community College distance from Michigan cities
City Distance
North Muskegon4 miles
Muskegon Heights4 miles
Wolf Lake4 miles
Roosevelt Park5 miles
Norton Shores6 miles
Twin Lake9 miles
Fruitport9 miles
Lakewood Club9 miles
Ferrysburg11 miles
Spring Lake12 miles
Whitehall13 miles
Grand Haven14 miles
Ravenna14 miles
Montague14 miles
Coopersville18 miles
Fremont19 miles
Rothbury19 miles
Grant20 miles