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Alpena Community College

Reviewed by A******t from MICHIGAN on 2017-08-22

After a 13 year break from college, I returned to school figuring Id have to pay my summer semester. To my suprise they offered financial aid to me, i was overjoyed. I passed my two summer classes both with an A. Had fall classes lined up, books ordered and the Friday before online classes start I get a nice letter saying Im sol theyre pulling my financial aid. Why? Because of grades 13 years ago. How much did i miss the 2.0 by? .07 yep. Guess the 4.0 semester didnt matter, just enough to lure me back to pull the rug last minute after proving my dedication. Nice move, so not only are you out federal funding, but also my book money. Good job, really got one on me. Furthermore, I can transfer and guess what get financial aid! So guess I should thank you, you lost a student and more money (which from what Ive seen online you really cant afford). So way to hold a grudge for over a decade ago, you hurt your professors by giving them one less student, ill still get my degree. Ur loss

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