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UMUC Location and Distances

Adelphi, Maryland

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University of Maryland University College is located in Adelphi, Maryland; population 15,086 in a large suburban setting.

3501 University Blvd East
Adelphi, Maryland
20783-8010 USA

Map of UMUC

Approximate Commuting Distances

University of Maryland University College distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
University Park1 miles
College Park1 miles
Langley Park1 miles
Hyattsville2 miles
Chillum2 miles
Riverdale Park2 miles
Berwyn Heights2 miles
Takoma Park3 miles
Edmonston3 miles
North Brentwood3 miles
Brentwood3 miles
Hillandale3 miles
East Riverdale3 miles
Mount Rainier3 miles
Cottage City3 miles
Bladensburg3 miles
Greenbelt4 miles
Silver Spring4 miles