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Fortis College-Landover Location and Distances

Landover, Maryland

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Fortis College Landover is located in Landover, Maryland; population 23,078 in a large suburban setting.

4351 Garden City Drive
Landover, Maryland
20785-2223 USA

Map of Fortis College-Landover

Approximate Commuting Distances

Fortis College Landover distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
New Carrollton1 miles
Landover Hills1 miles
Glenarden2 miles
Springdale2 miles
Lanham2 miles
Woodlawn2 miles
Seabrook2 miles
East Riverdale2 miles
Cheverly3 miles
Summerfield3 miles
Bladensburg3 miles
Greenbelt3 miles
Mitchellville3 miles
Riverdale Park3 miles
Lake Arbor3 miles
Edmonston4 miles
Berwyn Heights4 miles
Peppermill Village4 miles