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Allegany College of Maryland Location and Distances

Cumberland, Maryland

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Allegany College of Maryland is located in Cumberland, Maryland; population 20,859 in a rural fringe setting.

12401 Willowbrook Rd SE
Cumberland, Maryland
21502-2596 USA

Map of Allegany College of Maryland

Approximate Commuting Distances

Allegany College of Maryland distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
Ridgeley2 miles
Bowmans Addition3 miles
Pleasant Grove3 miles
Wiley Ford3 miles
Carpendale4 miles
Bowling Green4 miles
Corriganville5 miles
La Vale5 miles
Potomac Park5 miles
Ellerslie5 miles
Spring Gap6 miles
Barrelville7 miles
Cresap8 miles
Wellersburg8 miles
Bel Air8 miles
Mount Savage8 miles
Clarysville9 miles
Eckhart Mines9 miles