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CMCC Location and Distances

Auburn, Maine

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Central Maine Community College is located in Auburn, Maine; population 23,055 in a rural fringe setting.

1250 Turner Street
Auburn, Maine
04210-6498 USA

Map of CMCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Central Maine Community College distance from Maine cities
City Distance
Lewiston4 miles
Mechanic Falls8 miles
Lisbon Falls12 miles
Oxford14 miles
South Paris15 miles
Casco17 miles
Norway18 miles
Gray18 miles
Bowdoinham18 miles
Winthrop19 miles
Topsham20 miles
Freeport20 miles
Richmond21 miles
Brunswick21 miles
Naples22 miles
Gardiner22 miles
Brunswick Station22 miles
Yarmouth23 miles