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SCC Location and Distances

Somerset, Kentucky

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Somerset Community College is located in Somerset, Kentucky; population 11,196 in a remote town setting.

808 Monticello Street
Somerset, Kentucky
42501-2973 USA

Map of SCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Somerset Community College distance from Kentucky cities
City Distance
Ferguson2 miles
Burnside4 miles
Science Hill8 miles
Eubank15 miles
Monticello20 miles
Whitley City24 miles
Liberty25 miles
James25 miles
Mount Vernon25 miles
Russell Springs26 miles
Brodhead26 miles
Stearns26 miles
Livingston28 miles
East Bernstadt28 miles
Crab Orchard28 miles
Pine Knot29 miles
North Corbin30 miles
London30 miles