Lexington, Kentucky

MedTech College-Lexington Campus Location and Distances


MedTech College Lexington Campus is located in Lexington, Kentucky; in a rural fringe setting.

1648 McGrathiana Pkwy #200
Lexington, Kentucky

Map of MedTech College Lexington Campus

Approximate Commuting Distances

MedTech College Lexington Campus distance from Kentucky cities
City Distance
Lexington-Fayette urban county4 miles
George9 miles
Midway11 miles
Versailles14 miles
Paris14 miles
Nicholasville15 miles
Stamping Ground16 miles
Winchester18 miles
Wilmore19 miles
Sadieville21 miles
North Middle21 miles
Frankfort21 miles
High Bridge22 miles
Cynthiana22 miles
Lawrenceburg23 miles
Salvisa23 miles
Millersburg24 miles
Burgin28 miles
Richmond28 miles