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ATA College Location and Distances

Louisville, Kentucky

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ATA College is located in Louisville, Kentucky; population 597,337 in a large suburban setting.

10180 Linn Station Rd Ste A200
Louisville, Kentucky
40223 USA

Map of ATA College

Approximate Commuting Distances

ATA College distance from Kentucky cities
City Distance
Forest Hills1 miles
Douglass Hills1 miles
Jefferson1 miles
Hurstbourne Acres1 miles
Blue Ridge Manor1 miles
Hurstbourne1 miles
Sycamore2 miles
Wildwood2 miles
Woodland Hills2 miles
Bellemeade2 miles
Houston Acres3 miles
Middle3 miles
Cambridge3 miles
St. Regis Park3 miles
Lyndon3 miles
Lincolnshire3 miles
Norwood3 miles
Moorland3 miles
Anchorage4 miles