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ACTC Location and Distances

Ashland, Kentucky

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Ashland Community and Technical College is located in Ashland, Kentucky; population 21,684 in a small city setting.

1400 College Drive
Ashland, Kentucky
41101-3683 USA

Map of ACTC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ashland Community and Technical College distance from Kentucky cities
City Distance
Westwood2 miles
Coal Grove2 miles
Bellefonte3 miles
Russell4 miles
Catlettsburg4 miles
Ironton5 miles
South Point5 miles
Flatwoods5 miles
Kenova6 miles
Cannonsburg7 miles
Raceland7 miles
Worthington7 miles
Hanging Rock8 miles
Ceredo8 miles
Burlington8 miles
Wurtland9 miles
Chesapeake11 miles
Greenup12 miles