Wright Career College Location and Distances

Overland Park, Kansas


Wright Career College is located in Overland Park, Kansas; population 173,372 in a midsize city setting.

10975 El Monte
Overland Park, Kansas

Map of Wright Career College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Wright Career College distance from Kansas cities
City Distance
Leawood2 miles
Prairie Village4 miles
Mission Hills6 miles
Fairway6 miles
Mission7 miles
Merriam7 miles
Grandview7 miles
Mission Woods7 miles
Roeland Park7 miles
Loch Lloyd7 miles
Westwood8 miles
Westwood Hills8 miles
Lenexa9 miles
Belton10 miles
Ray10 miles
Olathe10 miles
Lake Quivira10 miles
Shawnee11 miles