Purdue Global-Mason City Campus Location and Distances

Mason City, Iowa


Purdue Global Mason City Campus is located in Mason City, Iowa; population 28,079 in a remote town setting.

Plaza West 2570 4th Street SW
Mason City, Iowa
50401 USA

Map of Purdue Global-Mason City Campus

Approximate Commuting Distances

Purdue Global Mason City Campus distance from Iowa cities
City Distance
Portland6 miles
Burchinal6 miles
Clear Lake7 miles
Rock Falls9 miles
Plymouth9 miles
Manly10 miles
Hanlon12 miles
Ventura12 miles
Nora Springs12 miles
Rockwell12 miles
Fertile12 miles
Swaledale13 miles
Kensett14 miles
Grafton15 miles
Thornton16 miles
Rockford16 miles
Bolan17 miles
Rudd17 miles