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IHCC Location and Distances

Ottumwa, Iowa

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Indian Hills Community College is located in Ottumwa, Iowa; population 25,023 in a remote town setting.

525 Grandview Ave
Ottumwa, Iowa
52501 USA

Map of IHCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Indian Hills Community College distance from Iowa cities
City Distance
Agency6 miles
Chillicothe8 miles
Kirkville9 miles
Hedrick10 miles
Fremont12 miles
Martinsburg12 miles
Batavia12 miles
Eldon13 miles
Floris13 miles
Blakesburg14 miles
Eddyville15 miles
Hayesville17 miles
Packwood17 miles
Drakesville18 miles
Keomah Village18 miles
Libertyville19 miles
Ollie19 miles
Rose Hill19 miles