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DMACC Location and Distances

Ankeny, Iowa

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Des Moines Area Community College is located in Ankeny, Iowa; population 45,582 in a rural fringe setting.

2006 Ankeny Blvd
Ankeny, Iowa
50023-3993 USA

Map of DMACC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Des Moines Area Community College distance from Iowa cities
City Distance
Saylorville2 miles
Johnston6 miles
Polk City7 miles
Elkhart7 miles
Alleman7 miles
Altoona8 miles
Bondurant8 miles
Windsor Heights9 miles
Pleasant Hill9 miles
Des Moines9 miles
Urbandale10 miles
Grimes10 miles
Clive12 miles
Granger12 miles
Sheldahl12 miles
Slater12 miles
Mitchellville13 miles
Huxley13 miles