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Ivy Tech Community College-Southeast Location and Distances

Madison, Indiana

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Ivy Tech Community College Southeast is located in Madison, Indiana; population 11,967 in a distant town setting.

590 Ivy Tech Dr
Madison, Indiana
47250-1881 USA

Map of Ivy Tech Community College-Southeast

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ivy Tech Community College Southeast distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
Milton5 miles
Hanover7 miles
Canaan7 miles
Brooksburg8 miles
Kent9 miles
Dupont11 miles
Prestonville12 miles
Bedford13 miles
Carrollton13 miles
Deputy15 miles
Vevay16 miles
Ghent17 miles
New Washington18 miles
Butlerville19 miles
Vernon19 miles
Campbellsburg20 miles
Holton20 miles
Worthville20 miles