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Ivy Tech Community College-Richmond Location and Distances

Richmond, Indiana

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Ivy Tech Community College Richmond is located in Richmond, Indiana; population 36,812 in a rural fringe setting.

2357 Chester Blvd
Richmond, Indiana
47374-1298 USA

Map of Ivy Tech Community College-Richmond

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ivy Tech Community College Richmond distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
Spring Grove2 miles
New Paris5 miles
Whitewater6 miles
Fountain City6 miles
Centerville6 miles
Greens Fork9 miles
Boston9 miles
Hollansburg10 miles
Eldorado11 miles
New Madison11 miles
Lynn13 miles
Economy13 miles
West Manchester14 miles
East German14 miles
Castine14 miles
Palestine14 miles
Hagers15 miles
Eaton15 miles