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Ivy Tech Community College-Northwest Location and Distances

Gary, Indiana

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Ivy Tech Community College Northwest is located in Gary, Indiana; population 80,294 in a small city setting.

1440 E 35th Ave
Gary, Indiana
46409-1499 USA

Map of Ivy Tech Community College-Northwest

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ivy Tech Community College Northwest distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
New Chicago3 miles
Hobart4 miles
Lake Station4 miles
Griffith6 miles
Merrillville6 miles
Highland7 miles
Portage8 miles
Schererville8 miles
Ogden Dunes8 miles
Wheeler8 miles
East Chicago9 miles
Munster9 miles
South Haven10 miles
Crown Point10 miles
Salt Creek Commons10 miles
Hammond10 miles
Winfield10 miles
Dyer11 miles