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Ivy Tech Community College-Kokomo Location and Distances

Kokomo, Indiana

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Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo is located in Kokomo, Indiana; population 45,468 in a small city setting.

1815 E Morgan St
Kokomo, Indiana
46901-1373 USA

Map of Ivy Tech Community College-Kokomo

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
Indian Heights6 miles
Galveston7 miles
Green8 miles
Sharpsville9 miles
Russiaville11 miles
Bunker Hill11 miles
Grissom AFB11 miles
Amboy12 miles
Windfall City13 miles
Walton13 miles
Converse13 miles
Sims13 miles
Onward14 miles
Swayzee15 miles
Burlington15 miles
Tipton16 miles
Mier16 miles
Point Isabel16 miles