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Ivy Tech Community College-Columbus Location and Distances

Columbus, Indiana

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Ivy Tech Community College Columbus is located in Columbus, Indiana; population 44,061 in a rural fringe setting.

4475 Central Ave
Columbus, Indiana
47203-1868 USA

Map of Ivy Tech Community College-Columbus

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ivy Tech Community College Columbus distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
Clifford3 miles
Taylorsville4 miles
Edinburgh8 miles
Hope8 miles
Elizabeth9 miles
Hartsville11 miles
Cordry Sweetwater Lakes12 miles
Princes Lakes13 miles
Jonesville13 miles
Scipio16 miles
Trafalgar17 miles
Westport18 miles
Nashville19 miles
Franklin19 miles
Country Squire Lakes19 miles
Waldron19 miles
St. Paul19 miles
Shelbyville21 miles