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Ivy Tech Community College-Bloominton Location and Distances

Bloomington, Indiana

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Ivy Tech Community College Bloominton is located in Bloomington, Indiana; population 80,405. The campus is in a rural fringe setting.

200 Daniels Way
Bloomington, Indiana
47404-9272 USA

Map of Ivy Tech Community College-Bloominton

Use this map to explore the area around campus and get a sense of its overall location.

Approximate Commuting Distances

These are the commuting distances you will have to travel to get to Ivy Tech Community College-Bloominton from nearby towns.

Ivy Tech Community College Bloominton distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
Ellettsville4 miles
Smithville-Sanders9 miles
Stinesville9 miles
Harrodsburg11 miles
Spencer12 miles
Gosport13 miles
Paragon15 miles
Avoca18 miles
Owensburg18 miles
Nashville19 miles
Martinsville20 miles
Oolitic20 miles
Painted Hills21 miles
Worthington21 miles
Bloomfield21 miles
Bedford22 miles
Morgan23 miles
Scotland25 miles