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Harrison College-Muncie Location and Distances

Muncie, Indiana

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Harrison College Muncie is located in Muncie, Indiana; population 70,085 in a small city setting.

411 W Riggin Rd
Muncie, Indiana
47303 USA

Map of Harrison College-Muncie

Approximate Commuting Distances

Harrison College Muncie distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
York5 miles
Selma6 miles
Eaton8 miles
Gaston10 miles
Parker City10 miles
Albany11 miles
Daleville11 miles
Springport11 miles
Chesterfield13 miles
Blountsville13 miles
Middle13 miles
Matthews14 miles
Farmland14 miles
Mount Summit14 miles
Shamrock Lakes14 miles
Sulphur Springs15 miles
Dunkirk15 miles
Alexandria16 miles