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Harrison College-Lafayette Location and Distances

Lafayette, Indiana

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Harrison College Lafayette is located in Lafayette, Indiana; population 67,140 in a rural fringe setting.

4705 Meijer Court
Lafayette, Indiana
47905 USA

Map of Harrison College-Lafayette

Approximate Commuting Distances

Harrison College Lafayette distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
Dayton4 miles
West Lafayette6 miles
Purdue University6 miles
Buck Creek6 miles
Battle Ground6 miles
Americus8 miles
Colburn9 miles
Shadeland9 miles
Mulberry9 miles
Stockwell10 miles
Rossville12 miles
Montmorenci12 miles
Clarks Hill13 miles
Brookston13 miles
West Point13 miles
Delphi14 miles
Otterbein15 miles
Linden16 miles