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Fortis College Indianapolis

Reviewed by R******a from Indianapolis on 2018-01-17

I REPEAT. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. I was one of the ones who read the reviews and figured that "If a student wants to learn and follow the rules of learning, anything is possible and they cannot fail" but this school is beyond repair and I hope the Education Department of Indianapolis closes it soon. The teachers are horrible and talk about students and the other teachers. It has conditional accreditation so NO OTHER SCHOOL can take your credits for transfer and they wouldn't even take my credits from Indiana University of all places. People are not passing the NCLEX. I'm the type who's okay with teaching themselves and not cheating because this is the career I wish to go into and truly enjoy helping people but it was horrible. The online Classes are a waste, and the tuition WHICH IS NOT EXPLAINED IN FULL DETAIL! is expensive. I was about to start my 3rd term and was already $10,000 in debt. YOU ARE BETTER AT GOING TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE LIKE IVYTECH.

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