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SIC Location and Distances

Harrisburg, Illinois

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Southeastern Illinois College is located in Harrisburg, Illinois; population 9,017 in a distant rural setting.

3575 College Road
Harrisburg, Illinois
62946 USA

Map of SIC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Southeastern Illinois College distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Eldorado4 miles
Muddy4 miles
Equality5 miles
Raleigh7 miles
Ridgway10 miles
Junction11 miles
Carrier Mills11 miles
Galatia12 miles
Omaha12 miles
Broughton13 miles
Shawnee14 miles
Old Shawnee17 miles
Norris City17 miles
Stonefort17 miles
Eddyville19 miles
New Haven20 miles
Crab Orchard21 miles
Thompsonville21 miles