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SSC Location and Distances

South Holland, Illinois

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South Suburban College is located in South Holland, Illinois; population 22,030 in a large suburban setting.

15800 South State Street
South Holland, Illinois
60473-1200 USA

Map of SSC

Approximate Commuting Distances

South Suburban College distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Phoenix1 miles
Harvey2 miles
Dolton2 miles
Thornton2 miles
East Hazel Crest3 miles
Riverdale3 miles
Dixmoor3 miles
Markham4 miles
Posen4 miles
Homewood4 miles
Calumet City4 miles
Hazel Crest4 miles
Burnham4 miles
Calumet Park5 miles
Glenwood5 miles
Lansing5 miles
Blue Island5 miles
Robbins5 miles