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Carl Sandburg College Location and Distances

Galesburg, Illinois

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Carl Sandburg College is located in Galesburg, Illinois; population 32,195 in a rural fringe setting.

2400 Tom L. Wilson Boulevard
Galesburg, Illinois
61401 USA

Map of Carl Sandburg College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Carl Sandburg College distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Henderson4 miles
East Galesburg6 miles
Wataga8 miles
Knoxville8 miles
North Henderson8 miles
Rio9 miles
Alexis10 miles
Oneida11 miles
Abingdon12 miles
Monmouth13 miles
Gilson14 miles
Woodhull14 miles
Alpha15 miles
Oak Run15 miles
Windsor15 miles
Altona16 miles
Victoria17 miles
Little York18 miles