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Stevens Henager College Location and Distances

Boise, Idaho

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Stevens Henager College is located in Boise, Idaho; in a midsize city setting.

1444 Entertainment Avenue
Boise, Idaho
83709-6733 USA

Map of Stevens Henager College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Stevens Henager College distance from Idaho cities
City Distance
Boise City3 miles
Garden City5 miles
Meridian6 miles
Hidden Spring9 miles
Kuna9 miles
Star13 miles
Eagle13 miles
Robie Creek14 miles
Nampa14 miles
Middleton19 miles
Caldwell19 miles
Melba20 miles
Emmett22 miles
Horseshoe Bend23 miles
Marsing27 miles
Greenleaf28 miles
Notus28 miles
Idaho City28 miles
Murphy29 miles