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EITC Location and Distances

Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Eastern Idaho Technical College is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho; population 56,813 in a small city setting.

1600 S 25th E
Idaho Falls, Idaho
83404-5788 USA

Map of EITC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Eastern Idaho Technical College distance from Idaho cities
City Distance
Ammon2 miles
Lincoln3 miles
Iona4 miles
Ucon8 miles
Shelley10 miles
Rigby14 miles
Basalt15 miles
Lewisville15 miles
Ririe15 miles
Firth16 miles
Menan17 miles
Roberts18 miles
Rexburg25 miles
Groveland27 miles
Blackfoot27 miles
Moreland29 miles
Sugar City30 miles
Riverside30 miles