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College of Southern Idaho Location and Distances

Twin Falls, Idaho

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College of Southern Idaho is located in Twin Falls, Idaho; population 44,125 in a remote town setting.

315 Falls Ave.
Twin Falls, Idaho
83301 USA

Map of College of Southern Idaho

Approximate Commuting Distances

College of Southern Idaho distance from Idaho cities
City Distance
Kimberly6 miles
Filer7 miles
Hansen9 miles
Jerome10 miles
Eden14 miles
Buhl15 miles
Hollister17 miles
Murtaugh17 miles
Hazelton17 miles
Wendell18 miles
Castleford21 miles
Shoshone25 miles
Dietrich25 miles
Hagerman27 miles
Gooding27 miles
Bliss34 miles
Burley35 miles
Paul35 miles