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Florida National University Location and Distances

Hialeah, Florida

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Florida National University is located in Hialeah, Florida; population 224,669 in a large suburban setting.

4425 West. Jose Regueiro (20th) Avenue
Hialeah, Florida
33012 USA

Map of Florida National University

Approximate Commuting Distances

Florida National University distance from Florida cities
City Distance
Medley2 miles
Hialeah Gardens3 miles
Miami Springs4 miles
Miami Lakes4 miles
Doral4 miles
Virginia Gardens4 miles
Opa-locka5 miles
Palm Springs North5 miles
Westview5 miles
West Little River5 miles
Gladeview5 miles
Country Club6 miles
Brownsville6 miles
Fountainebleau6 miles
Pinewood7 miles
West Miami7 miles
Sweetwater7 miles
Miami Gardens8 miles