City College-Gainesville Location and Distances

Gainesville, Florida


City College Gainesville is located in Gainesville, Florida; population 124,354 in a midsize suburban setting.

7001 N.W. 4th Blvd.
Gainesville, Florida

Map of City College Gainesville

Approximate Commuting Distances

City College Gainesville distance from Florida cities
City Distance
Alachua9 miles
Archer10 miles
Newberry11 miles
Micanopy13 miles
La Crosse13 miles
High Springs15 miles
Raleigh15 miles
Brooker17 miles
East Bronson17 miles
Waldo18 miles
East Williston18 miles
McIntosh19 miles
Worthington Springs19 miles
Bronson20 miles
Williston20 miles
Hawthorne21 miles
Spring Ridge22 miles
Hampton22 miles