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Eastern Florida State College Location and Distances

Cocoa, Florida

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Eastern Florida State College is located in Cocoa, Florida; population 17,140 in a large suburban setting.

1519 Clearlake Rd
Cocoa, Florida
32922 USA

Map of Eastern Florida State College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Eastern Florida State College distance from Florida cities
City Distance
Cocoa West2 miles
Sharpes4 miles
Rockledge5 miles
Port St. John7 miles
Merritt Island7 miles
Cocoa Beach8 miles
Viera East9 miles
Cape Canaveral9 miles
Viera West10 miles
Titusville14 miles
Patrick AFB14 miles
Palm Shores15 miles
South Patrick Shores16 miles
Satellite Beach17 miles
Christmas17 miles
Indian Harbour Beach19 miles
Melbourne20 miles
Wedgefield21 miles