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NJC Location and Distances

Sterling, Colorado

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Northeastern Junior College is located in Sterling, Colorado; population 14,777 in a remote town setting.

100 College Avenue
Sterling, Colorado
80751-2944 USA

Map of NJC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Northeastern Junior College distance from Colorado cities
City Distance
Atwood7 miles
Padroni10 miles
Iliff11 miles
Merino13 miles
Fleming19 miles
Peetz23 miles
Crook26 miles
Hillrose28 miles
Snyder30 miles
Lorenzo30 miles
Haxtun30 miles
Akron33 miles
Raymer34 miles
Brush35 miles
Otis36 miles
Sidney36 miles
Paoli38 miles
Saddle Ridge39 miles