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LCC Location and Distances

Lamar, Colorado

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Lamar Community College is located in Lamar, Colorado; population 7,804 in a remote town setting.

2401 S Main St
Lamar, Colorado
81052-3999 USA

Map of LCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Lamar Community College distance from Colorado cities
City Distance
Wiley9 miles
Granada17 miles
Hasty19 miles
Hartman22 miles
Holly27 miles
Brandon28 miles
Eads31 miles
Las Animas33 miles
Coolidge33 miles
Sheridan Lake33 miles
Two Buttes36 miles
Haswell40 miles
Towner41 miles
Springfield45 miles
Syracuse45 miles
Vilas48 miles
Cheraw49 miles
Pritchett49 miles