Colorado School of Healing Arts is located in Lakewood, Colorado; population 142,980 in a large suburban setting.

7655 W Mississippi Ste 100
Lakewood, Colorado

Map of Colorado School of Healing Arts

Approximate Commuting Distances

Colorado School of Healing Arts distance from Colorado cities
City Distance
Edgewater4 miles
East Pleasant View5 miles
Sheridan5 miles
Bow Mar5 miles
Wheat Ridge5 miles
Mountain View6 miles
Applewood6 miles
West Pleasant View6 miles
Englewood6 miles
Lakeside6 miles
Dakota Ridge6 miles
Columbine Valley7 miles
Golden8 miles
Columbine8 miles
Glendale8 miles
Arvada8 miles
Littleton8 miles
Fairmount8 miles