American Sentinel University Location and Distances

Aurora, Colorado


American Sentinel University is located in Aurora, Colorado; population 325,078 in a large city setting.

2260 South Xanadu Way
Aurora, Colorado

Map of American Sentinel University

Approximate Commuting Distances

American Sentinel University distance from Colorado cities
City Distance
Holly Hills5 miles
Cherry Creek5 miles
Glendale6 miles
Greenwood Village6 miles
Centennial6 miles
Denver6 miles
Foxfield7 miles
Cherry Hills Village7 miles
Inverness7 miles
Dove Valley7 miles
Englewood9 miles
Acres Green9 miles
Grand View Estates9 miles
Aetna Estates9 miles
Meridian10 miles
Stonegate10 miles
Sheridan10 miles
Lone Tree10 miles