Victor Valley College Location and Distances

Victorville, California


Victor Valley College is located in Victorville, California; population 115,903 in a midsize city setting.

18422 Bear Valley Rd
Victorville, California

Map of Victor Valley College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Victor Valley College distance from California cities
City Distance
Spring Valley Lake2 miles
Apple Valley5 miles
Mountain View Acres5 miles
Hesperia6 miles
Oak Hills10 miles
Adelanto13 miles
Phelan15 miles
Crestline15 miles
Lake Arrowhead16 miles
Silver Lakes20 miles
Running Springs20 miles
Lucerne Valley21 miles
PiĀ±on Hills21 miles
Lytle Creek21 miles
Muscoy22 miles
Wrightwood23 miles
San Bernardino23 miles
Highland26 miles

Victor Valley College Campus