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Taft University System Location and Distances

Santa Ana, California

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Taft University System is located in Santa Ana, California; population 324,528 in a large city setting.

3700 S Susan St Ste 200
Santa Ana, California
92704 USA

Map of Taft University System

Approximate Commuting Distances

Taft University System distance from California cities
City Distance
Costa Mesa2 miles
Fountain Valley2 miles
Midway City5 miles
Huntington Beach5 miles
Westminster6 miles
Garden Grove6 miles
Tustin6 miles
Newport Beach7 miles
Irvine8 miles
North Tustin8 miles
Stanton8 miles
Orange9 miles
Sunset Beach9 miles
Seal Beach10 miles
Villa Park10 miles
Los Alamitos11 miles
Cypress11 miles
Rossmoor11 miles