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San Joaquin Valley College-Online Location and Distances

Visalia, California

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San Joaquin Valley College Online is located in Visalia, California; population 124,442 in a midsize city setting.

801 S. Akers St
Visalia, California
93277-9528 USA

Map of San Joaquin Valley College-Online

Approximate Commuting Distances

San Joaquin Valley College Online distance from California cities
City Distance
Goshen4 miles
Patterson Tract5 miles
West Goshen6 miles
Linnell Camp7 miles
Farmersville8 miles
Ivanhoe8 miles
Tulare9 miles
East Tulare Villa9 miles
Matheny11 miles
Traver12 miles
Exeter12 miles
Monson12 miles
London12 miles
Yettem12 miles
Seville13 miles
Tooleville13 miles
Delft Colony14 miles
Cutler14 miles