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Pasadena, California

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Providence Christian College

Reviewed by A******n from Providence Christina college on 2019-11-17

It is a very small school with a sort of "high school" atmosphere. You will be going to classes in a church and your have practically classes with all the same people. You are in a cool location but it doesn't matter unless you are going to go out a lot and that is not aloud here so the location of the school should not be a deciding factor in your decision to come here. The school is merged with the fuller seminary campus so it doesn't feel like a real college campus. For girls, you are going to share a room with atlas two other girls and for guys you will have atlas three other guys in your room. There is no way around this unless someone leaves. I wouldn't recommend this school if your looking for an authentic college experience. If your looking for a christian college I recommend somewhere else if you want to feel like your actually at college and not in high school.

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