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Ohlone Community College Location and Distances

Fremont, California

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Ohlone Community College is located in Fremont, California; population 214,089. The campus is in a rural fringe setting.

43600 Mission Blvd
Fremont, California
94539-0390 USA

Map of Ohlone Community College

Use this map to explore the area around campus and get a sense of its overall location.

Approximate Commuting Distances

These are the commuting distances you will have to travel to get to Ohlone Community College from nearby towns.

Ohlone Community College distance from California cities
City Distance
Sunol4 miles
Milpitas6 miles
Newark7 miles
Union City8 miles
Pleasanton10 miles
East Foothills11 miles
Sunnyvale12 miles
Santa Clara12 miles
Alum Rock12 miles
Fairview13 miles
Hayward13 miles
East Palo Alto13 miles
Mountain View13 miles
Dublin13 miles
Menlo Park13 miles
Livermore14 miles
Burbank14 miles
Cherryland15 miles