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Moreno Valley College Location and Distances

Moreno Valley, California

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Moreno Valley College is located in Moreno Valley, California; population 193,365 in a rural fringe setting.

16130 Lasselle St
Moreno Valley, California
92551 USA

Map of Moreno Valley College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Moreno Valley College distance from California cities
City Distance
March ARB4 miles
Mead Valley6 miles
Lakeview6 miles
Perris7 miles
Nuevo7 miles
Romoland9 miles
Good Hope9 miles
Woodcrest9 miles
Lake Mathews10 miles
Highgrove10 miles
Calimesa11 miles
Homeland11 miles
Loma Linda11 miles
Riverside11 miles
Redlands12 miles
Grand Terrace12 miles
Meadowbrook12 miles
Green Acres13 miles