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LMC Location and Distances

Pittsburg, California

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Los Medanos College is located in Pittsburg, California; population 63,264 in a midsize suburban setting.

2700 East Leland Road
Pittsburg, California
94565 USA

Map of LMC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Los Medanos College distance from California cities
City Distance
Antioch4 miles
Bay Point6 miles
Clayton6 miles
Concord8 miles
Brentwood9 miles
Clyde9 miles
Oakley9 miles
North Gate10 miles
Pacheco11 miles
Shell Ridge12 miles
Contra Costa Centre12 miles
Knightsen12 miles
Walnut Creek12 miles
Bethel Island12 miles
Pleasant Hill12 miles
Vine Hill12 miles
Diablo13 miles
San Miguel13 miles