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Azusa, California

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Azusa Pacific University

Reviewed by J******o from Azusa, CA on 2016-02-06

Going to college can be kind of scary, but APU is amazing! The students and staff are super kind and friendly. We definitely talk about our faith very openly, so if you're not comfortable with that, that might be a downside to coming to APU. Most people think because the school isn't in the center of LA, there isn't much to do; however there are some pretty cool places to eat around the school (we're on Route 66) and if not grab a bunch of friends and drive out somewhere. You'll definitely love the small/medium private school vibe and you'll get the big school games-like going to a football or basketball game. The price can drive some people away, but think of it as investment for your future (there's always scholarships and the school helps out a lot).

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