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SAUT Location and Distances

Camden, Arkansas

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Southern Arkansas University Tech is located in Camden, Arkansas; population 12,183 in a rural fringe setting.

6415 Spellman Road
Camden, Arkansas
71701-1906 USA

Map of SAUT

Approximate Commuting Distances

Southern Arkansas University Tech distance from Arkansas cities
City Distance
East Camden6 miles
Chidester13 miles
Louann15 miles
Bearden15 miles
Smackover18 miles
Reader18 miles
Stephens18 miles
Bluff City19 miles
Sparkman22 miles
Hampton22 miles
Norphlet22 miles
Whelen Springs23 miles
Cale23 miles
Thornton23 miles
Calion26 miles
Rosston26 miles
Harrell26 miles
Willisville27 miles