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Ozarka College Location and Distances

Melbourne, Arkansas

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Ozarka College is located in Melbourne, Arkansas; population 1,848 in a remote rural setting.

218 College Dr
Melbourne, Arkansas
72556-0010 USA

Map of Ozarka College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Ozarka College distance from Arkansas cities
City Distance
Mount Pleasant8 miles
Guion9 miles
Franklin11 miles
Oxford11 miles
Calico Rock14 miles
Sidney14 miles
Pineville14 miles
Horseshoe Bend14 miles
Cushman15 miles
Evening Shade15 miles
Mountain View17 miles
Fifty-Six20 miles
Ash Flat21 miles
Cave City21 miles
Salem22 miles
Norfork24 miles
Viola24 miles
Cherokee Village25 miles