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MSCC Location and Distances

West Memphis, Arkansas

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Mid South Community College is located in West Memphis, Arkansas; population 26,245 in a large suburban setting.

2000 W. Broadway
West Memphis, Arkansas
72301-3829 USA

Map of MSCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Mid South Community College distance from Arkansas cities
City Distance
Marion4 miles
Edmondson5 miles
Sunset6 miles
Crawfordsville8 miles
Jericho10 miles
Anthonyville10 miles
Clarkedale10 miles
Jennette11 miles
Memphis14 miles
Lynchburg14 miles
Walls15 miles
Turrell16 miles
Earle16 miles
Horn Lake17 miles
Horseshoe Lake17 miles
Gilmore19 miles
Southaven19 miles
Hughes19 miles