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ASUN Location and Distances

Newport, Arkansas

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Arkansas State University Newport is located in Newport, Arkansas; population 7,879 in a distant rural setting.

7648 Victory Blvd
Newport, Arkansas
72112 USA

Map of ASUN

Approximate Commuting Distances

Arkansas State University Newport distance from Arkansas cities
City Distance
Diaz4 miles
Campbell Station4 miles
Tuckerman6 miles
Grubbs6 miles
Jacksonport7 miles
Amagon7 miles
Swifton13 miles
Weldon14 miles
Newark15 miles
Waldenburg15 miles
Oil Trough15 miles
Beedeville15 miles
Fisher16 miles
Weiner16 miles
Magness17 miles
Tupelo17 miles
Cash18 miles
Alicia19 miles