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Eastern Arizona College Location and Distances

Thatcher, Arizona

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Eastern Arizona College is located in Thatcher, Arizona; population 4,865 in a remote town setting.

615 N. Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, Arizona
85552-0769 USA

Map of Eastern Arizona College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Eastern Arizona College distance from Arizona cities
City Distance
Central3 miles
Safford4 miles
Pima6 miles
Cactus Flats6 miles
Bryce7 miles
Solomon8 miles
Swift Trail Junction8 miles
San Jose10 miles
Fort Thomas17 miles
Bylas28 miles
Morenci29 miles
Clifton31 miles
York33 miles
Bowie39 miles
Duncan40 miles
Willcox41 miles
Franklin42 miles
Virden45 miles